Up to 652 kV
Type: GIS, Metal Clad, etc.
In accordance with IEC 62261-100 / 1-203 / 1-102 & IEC 60694
Compact design to require less installation area
- Capable of high anti-seismic, high operation reliability
- Modular design available upon request
- Rated breaking current 40kA & 50kA for circuit breakers


Up to 36kV
Type: Gas & Solid Insulated, Power Center, MCC, etc.
In accordance with IEC60517, IEC62271-1/100/102, ES6110-0001, IEC40439-1, BS EN, AS & JEM
Compact design for easy installation & operation, less maintenance and offers reliable interlock
Metalclad Switchgear (Up to 35kV)
- KEMA certified and compact design
- Easier to operate/maintenance and offers reliable interlock


Up to 252 kV 4,000A
Type: Two-Column / Single-Column & Single-Arm (Vertical and Horizontal), Earthing Switch
In accordance with IEC 62271-102
Offers stable contact pressure and self-cleaning capability to allow free of maintenance
Requires minimum phase distance and vertical length in comparison to other similar products
Used to separate circuits under off-load status, and set-up security air electrical clearance between the tested electrical apparatuses and electrified circuit

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