In 2005, Channel E was established in Houston, Texas because of the increased demand for high quality, globally-sourced equipment in the American markets. The firm belief behind Channel E is to always provide excellent, reliable equipment at a competitive value, while maintaining superb technical support and after-sales service.

After a strong focus on the electrical industry for several years—mainly working with power transformers and cables—Channel E decided to further serve the power needs of American markets by expanding its product lines and working with other power-related industries. Channel E now supports oil & gas, renewable power, mining, wind turbine manufacturing, shipbuilding, and chemical industries. Even with its expansion, Channel E always maintains its stance behind high quality equipment, competitive offerings, and individualized service to this day.



Channel E provides electrical and other power-related materials, accompanied with valuable technical services and maintenance support. Our goal is to work with clients long term and continue to care for each project well after the purchase order and delivery is made. We coordinate with our global factories to fit the criteria of each project and attentively address any customer concerns or questions. Channel E always strives to exceed expectations.

Channel E mainly focuses on covering the markets of North, Central, and South America, including the Caribbean Islands. And with our network of business partners, we can provide nearby support wherever a project may be located. Our ability to coordinate with our clients and manufacturers saves everyone time and money. Channel E is determined to make our vision come true by satisfying customers with excellent power equipment.



MISSION: The mission of Channel E is to exceed the expectations of customers by providing reliable equipment at a competitive price with faster delivery and better service.

COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS: Channel E is strongly committed to our customers. Channel E is dedicated to providing only the highest quality products and ensures its commitment to each customer for years down the road through long-term support and attention.

BUILDING STRONG RELATIONSHIPS: Channel E understands that strong relationships are the key to any business. We build and maintain excellent relationships with both our customers and manufacturers in order to provide the very best electrical equipment distribution. Channel E will always be there to assist our business partners.

DEDICATION TO ETHICS:Channel E is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior. We operate with corporate responsibility and only work with ethical customers and manufacturers. We also firmly believe in equality and do not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. We are proponents of social responsibility and give back to our communities annually.


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